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A publication which the authors and publisher (Cadogan)  should be proud of, ignoring the wholly unsuitable pink cover of course. A collaborative project which works well on many levels, the book gives a brief account of each tournament, with a cross-table, a couple of games and a reference or two to anything exceptional chesswise. There is an attempt by Cafferty to document the conditions and events dominating each tournament, and some of the politics behind it as well as any exceptional or notable incidents. Mostly this is referenced but not always – a disappointment for sure.

Given that some 71 years are covered, Cafferty opts for brevity at all times. I thought this was a shame as he is knowledgeable, and the effortless writing he supplies shows this. The text is read, then, as something to whet the appetite, or as a reference point perhaps…it would read well on a long-train journey I think.

A tidy book to read though too superficial to explore its subject matter sufficiency. If you just want a taste of what the Soviet Championships were about, this publication will make for a satisfying read. Certainly worth purchasing.


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