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Someone in my homelands is going around town, spray-painting chess pieces onto walls, prompting a police investigation. What naughty person is doing that I wonder?

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Just when you’re sure that facebook is nothing more than an insidious American invention not worth signing up for, along comes some guy and constructs the largest, most impressive image bank of chess on the planet with something for everyone and much, much more, and then places the whole lot on it -typical!

Anyway, its called MemoryChess and is easily found, now existing as a community of around 7000 to date. There exists thousands of images that you won’t find elsewhere, all neatly placed into albums of various themes. There is nothing on the net that can compare, I assure you.

From the album Chess Art, MemoryChess

From the album Love Chess@MemoryChess

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The 2nd Norway No Logo Tournament has started with some exciting games already. Following it closely I noted during the blitz that Short mentioned Aronian had told him there were no good players from the 80’s. With Garry Kasparov becoming the world champion in the 80’s and joining the show the day after the blitz, I thought I would ask the commentary team what Garry thought of that remark. To my surprise it was the first question they asked him and it produced much lively discussion. You can find it by clicking on the link and going to 1:03:30

Some confusion reigned however because Aronian was not there to qualify his remark. I think Short put his finger on it by saying that it was the failure of the youth to supplant the old guard that Aronian was referring to if he were being serious. A charge which cannot be levied at our modern age of course.

The following link contains more Kasparov. It appeared on the Irish programme, The Late Late Show and makes for uncomfortable viewing indeed. I don’t think I’ve seen a chat show host become so flustered and make so many mistakes.


Kasparov at Fischer’s grave. Image courtesy of Memory Chess.

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Monkey impersonations, singing into a mic during play, 3 boards to a table, a room too small by far, clocks frequently being pressed wrongly, a late start of over an hour and a curfew forcing the abandonment of the final two rounds, what do they have in common? They all featured in a quickplay tournament I was unable to make -thankfully!

The joys of amateur chess are boundless and btw it was the juniors making the monkey noises and singing into the mic.

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