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Courtesy of The British Newspaper Archive (Beds Advertiser and Luton Times Feb 21st 1908), I have unearthed evidence that the former world champion Dr. Emanuel Lasker performed a simul in my home town, his record being W13 DL1.

It’s an entertaining little read. Even though the world champion arrived late after being directed to Leighton Buzzard en route, he nonetheless gave a good account of himself against reasonable opposition. A piece well worth reading, I have given the author F.Dickens’s win below the excerpt.


E.Lasker V F. Dickens final position


17. …Bxh5. The queen is captured.


Where Lasker played. The old town hall before Luton’s fiesty, and decidedly immigrant population burnt it down. I wonder what he thought of Luton? He must have stayed the night at least.

The Town Hall smouldering [Z1306-75]

Evidence of the above.

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