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Play chess of course! What else? A local player tells of how he passed the time whilst unfree.

Bedfordshire Times and Standard, 6th October 1944

Bedfordshire Times and Standard, 6th October 1944

Any thoughts on who it may be? Ukranian V.Maluga perhaps?

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The following diagrams are from Tolush against Ilivitsky in the 1948 Championship held in Moscow. We pick up play from move 21.


21. Rad1 Rad8?? (worse is yet to come)

Black copies white but for what reason? To pin his own bishop? His position is not good even though he has some standing in the center. There are too many holes in his position and the king is not secure. Better was 21…h5 after which Rg4 threatens to remove the queen from its dangerous diagonal.


White naturally plays 22. Nd5.

According to Cafferty (The Soviet Championships Cafferty & Taimanov, Cadogan, pg. 62)

‘Black sees that 22…exd5 23. exd5 threatens both 24. Rfe1 and 24. Rxd4; he decides to guard against 23 Rxd4 and then Nf6+’


22. Rg6?? As Wittgenstein once noted, we fail to see what is right in front of our eyes.


23. Qe7 ++

Here is the game for those in disbelief.

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