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Here’s a snippet from The Beds Advertiser and Luton Times April 29th, 1910


Those of us local, with an interest in our history know just how important author F.Dickens was. Did the man who trounced Lasker (albeit in a simul) and had Jacques Meises scrambling for a draw really learn how to play chess as an adult from a local farmer? I wonder if the comments reported above really are true? There is no word on who the reporter is and how he acquired such ‘information’.


Chess in Bedfordshire (F.Dickens & G.L. White, Leeds 1933), pg.3

It should be noted that the Luton/Dunstable chess scene was exceptionally strong at that time, drawing in the world’s greatest players for simuls with ease on a regular basis, such as Blackburne the great simul master who was unable to beat F.Dickens. To go from a non-playing adult to top board in a blisteringly strong Luton side is possible but improbable unless you are exceptionally talented.


dickens 2

dickens meisis

Note the mis-reportage in the final paragraph (above the game)

Here’s another snippet, this time from The Bedfordshire Advertiser Dec 9th, 1904.




Advice from F.Dickens on how to play the game of chess.


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