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The young Chinese superstar Wei Ju has played an ‘immortal game’ apparently. Immortal, in chess terms means unforgettable. In retrospect such terms carry weight but for any game to be described as such within days of being played deserves the annotation (?!) pehaps that says more about the media culture that exists at present rather than the game itself methinks…um…well…erm…the good news is that it is a fantastically interesting game and may well never be forgotten. I shall say no more, here is Kingcrusher’s emotionally charged account of the game, you can decide for yourself what status it should have or go onto to have. Enjoy.

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Those of you outside of Bedfordshire perhaps know Leighton Buzzard from its connection with the great train robbery of 63. That caper aside, the quiet Bedfordshire town has been known to become chess champions of Bedfordshire on more than one occasion. Below can be found evidence that in Victorian times, it had a thriving chess club too, drawing with Luton on one occasion. Note that the term ‘Arbiter’ is not used by the reporter in Fig. 4, ‘Umpire’ (a cricketing term) is used instead.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 (Don’t go damaging any chestnut trees now!)

Here, the match is described in more detail locally.


Fig. 3


Fig. 4 

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