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Most of us play through the opening on auto-pilot, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing provided we are prepared. But when your opponent plays something unfamiliar and we continue to play what seem like natural developing moves, mistakes can be easily made. Take the following game for example, yet another howler from The quickest victories of all time by Burgess, pg 8.

M.Vokac – P.Bazant Czech ch (Turnov) 1996

1. b4 d5

2. Bb2 Nd7

3. Nf3 Ngf6

4. e3 g6

5. c4 cxd4

6. Bxc4 Bg7??


A reasonable set-up for black if it weren’t for the bishop on c4!

7. Bxf7! RESIGNS (with Ng5 and Qb3 to come)

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