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The so-called ‘historical method’ [implies the avoidance of] imaginative excess (i.e enthusiasm) at any price.

Hayden White, Tropics of Discourse, Johns Hopkins, University Press, 1978 p. 126

In this post you can find the 1933 classic Chess in Bedfordshire (F.Dickens & G.L White: Leeds Whitehead & Miller). It’s a rare book but can be found in Bedford library. When I can free up my work schedule I will write about it in more detail as the (heavily flawed) approach by the authors, which G.L. White explains in the Foreword has a number of significant historiographical ramifications; with the exception of a brief mention on page 42, they have -believe it or not- omitted Bedfordshire’s first internationally recognized player…more on that when I can find the time, until then enjoy reading… .

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