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Once upon a time Bedford, traditionally the intellectual centre of Bedfordshire, had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes by conceding considerable chess inferiority to its industrialized half-sister Luton. Blackburne, who trusted historian Tim Harding has recently written about, managed to squeeze in a visit whilst circumnavigating the county and its more established chess hubs (post on his visit to Luton to follow). Here’s an account of his time in Bedford, he puts the current world champion to shame on the blindfold front (please click on the image for a better view).




Allegedly taken a year before his visit to Bedford.

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The following game can be found on pg. 34 of The quickest chess victories of all time by Graham Burgess.

R. Djurhuus – F. Liardet

Santiago 1990


1. Nc3 – Kramnik once played this.


1. … Nf6 2. d4 c5


3. Nf3 cxd4. Looks like a reversed Mexican Defence.


4. Nxd4 d5. Nothing too unusual so far.


5. Bg5 e5. Black’s last move looks a little suspicious to me.


6. Ndb5 a6??. As the author says, black is playing by analogy and runs straight into trouble.


7. Nxd5!


7. … axb5 8. Nxf6 1-0. If only all our opponents could be so accommodating!

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