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The Swiss GM Yannick Pelletier has had a bumper month by beating Nakamura with some beautiful preparation against his beloved Kings Indian Defence, and then the current world champion Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen, who perhaps underestimating his opponent rated almost 300 points below him, played a move that is certainly not becoming of a world champion…but then what blunder is?


It is here that Carlsen plays 37… Rg8??



Is it me or does it seem that Pelletier has been around for ever?

For those partial to a little schadenfreude -in other words the entire global chess playing community- here’s Naka upstaging Carlsen on the blunder front against Caruana. The move that follows defies belief. How on earth can someone of his caliber play a move that you see at the lowest level of amateur games!


Nakamura (Black), has just played 6…f6?? I promise I’m not making that up. Check out the game below if you don’t believe me.


Oh dear! You weren’t playing on auto-pilot and by analogy were you Naka? 

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