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Well, my on-line friends, upon this outstretched morning I am stuck for something to do, having been marooned 1600 meters up the volcanic island of Java in the former colony of the Dutch East Indies (which btw produces some fantastic Jasmine Tea). Me My colleagues have buggered off¬†gone to Singapore for the weekend and have inadvertently condemned me to a luxurious weekend of gentle mountain breezes and solitude…given the lofty nature of my current position and its ensuing perspective, I must now look down into the endless, atemporal valleys of digitized chess misdemeanors… .

Here’s a glimpse of the American GM Maurice Ashley (possibly the nicest guy in the entire chess world) and his defeat of a Washington Square hustler, who could learn a great deal from his opponent on how to conduct himself over the board, and more importantly, away from it. I have to say, even though I have watched many videos concerning the New York chess hustlers over the years, that sub-culture of chess is completely alien to me, and quite frankly, not particularly pleasant to watch. Hence, we can take great pleasure in the defeat of our trash-talking annoying twat interlocutor… .

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Vladimir Kramnik tells us of the benefits of chess with some practical advice for parents. Whilst listening, I do believe I agreed with every single word he said.



Before… .


After… .

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