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I bought this recently.


And find it engaging. Perhaps due to his success, Botvinnik plays with a straighter bat than most ex-players when it comes to chess history; he doesn’t blatantly use artistic license like his former opponent Sossonko does, nor does he try to convince you with amazing feats of memory like Averbakh unfortunately tends to. I offer his account of Nottingham 1936 (see historian Edward Winter’s fine site for photos:, which makes for an interesting read in itself. It does, however, need to be remembered that he was writing 40 years on, the extent to which the text can be considered a reliable primary source is thus in question -as it must be.

How much easier it is to write reminiscenes, all you have to do is think what should be published, what not!

Botvinnik, Achieving the Aim, pg. 87















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The cutting below, which reports on the 1953 British Chess Championships:


Which appears in this post ( can be qualified by John Saunders excellent work on Britbase here Please note the following that R. H. Rushton (of Luton) came joint second rather than second outright, as the local reportage implies. Games 170 [versus Bonham:he referred to in the cutting], 156, 137, 124, 112, 88, 78, 58, 37 (Draw with Golombek), 27, 14( bad loss to R. G. Wade [19. …Nxc2 looks highly suspect to me]) are all Mardle’s. I think it can be argued quite easily that Mardle is, with the possible exception of W. Ward, whose identity is a little problematic to say the least, Luton’s strongest ever player.

In the style of Tom Sweby I would like to apologize for the lack of input recently. I have time off from work but have been very ill of late.

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The altruistic John Saunders has delighted the members of the English Chess Forum once more with his efforts, supplying the 1961 rating list, which can be found here:

My former county teammates should note that several Bedfordshire players can be found in it, including Mr.Cordon from Bedford.

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MemoryChess (found on facebook) is at it again, and has posted yet another wonderful image for us all to drool over. Note Alekhine’s dress: I will add more info when I get it.8273_1016119075142888_8211414190249792967_n

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