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There are rumors abound that chess players will no longer be allowed to wear glasses or contact lens during tournament play. It is alleged that FIDE claim such optical devices make it too easy for those who employ them to see the board clearly thus providing an unfair advantage over those who rely on their natural eyesight. This development is part of the anti-cheating campaign which aims to ensure fairness and equality for all. It is in response to a lengthy, vitriolic e-mail sent to FIDE from an oldskool, ex-Soviet Grandmaster entitled ‘Why goggle-eyed git with rating 400 points lower see everything in our game?’ Which then concludes with, ‘If I give you good price, could you please go finish him, I know where he house.’ A FIDE official refused to comment on the email but asserted when the new anti-cheating ruling is brought into effect a blind eye may be turned towards those who wear a monocle with some panache.






…oh go on then.

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