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I don’t play much chess these days and hardly ever against computers but I decided to give Lucas Chess a few games, as I noticed many updates to the software were now available, the latest version being 9.08

I usually play against Chispa (ELO 2227) which is a bit of a struggle so opted for a softer option around the 1900 mark.

I played the Sicilian Sveshnikov and gained the initiative in the middle game. I then reached the following position which contains a move that wins outright. Can you find the move that black (me) must play which is decisive?


White just played Nxe3, hence the arrow.


Scroll down slowly for the answer:

Black has several options but h2 is unguarded, so Bf4 wins on the spot.

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The position below is quite famous, it is from Lasker – Capablanca Moscow 1935. White to play and formulate a winning plan. When I first saw this position I had no idea of how white could win but if you look a little deeply, there are serious weaknesses in black’s position.


You can find the full game here.

Two things stand out to me; Lasker doesn’t play like someone who became 67 years old that year, secondly, Capablanca’s passive play with a Winawer of all things -he wouldn’t stand a chance against today’s super GMs playing like that.

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My morning has been filled with memory from Penang. Facebook claims that on this day I posted the following on my wall 5 years ago:


Rossolimo vs Nestler, Venice 1950. A double exchange sacrifice by white has lead to a complex position. Black must defend the threat against his queen but how should he continue? The recommended amount of time for this position is 30 minutes by Kotov.

I imagine it comes from Kotov’s ‘Think like a Grandmaster’ which I once had a re-read of when I visited Penang, Malaysia the month before. I remembered this position when I saw it again but not as well as the Indian food I’d had in Georgetown that same day which was exceptional… .

I should add that the solution is rather difficult. You can find the game here.

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