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Though the new season is a few months off still, numerous interested players in the region have contacted me and asked which club is nearest to them in the Beds. league, all have confirmed they are ready to start the new season providing one or two queries can be answered by the various respective club secretaries who should expect an email or two shortly. I have posted their expressed club preferences.


Luton has just acquired a new member. Her rating is quite low, less than 100 in fact, but she’s looking for someone to go through her games with her in her penthouse apartment on the edge of town after matches.

Any expression of interest amongst the vast array of thriving Luton chess club members will be forwarded on, she has asked me to submit evidence that she is a chess lover and has a board and set at home which can be used, so let me know if you can spare a few late evening hours.

She said anyone prepared to play through her games be welcome to crash at her place. If play went on too late into the night she wanted to let everyone know she’s only got one bed but doesn’t have a problem sharing it. I have provided a picture of her below as she requested so that she can be recognized upon her first visit to the club.



Bedford also has a potential new member named Rover -the Latvian Gambit terrorizer- Kasparov but due to a language breakdown I could not establish his rating. His owner mentioned he likes to play paw to king four, and sometimes plays paw moves that aren’t always legal. He has recently been banned from a Hertfordshire club after chewing his opponents pieces placed on the side of the board repeatedly. His owner has submitted a picture taken in a recent game.


Leighton Buzzard

Several young ladies who live locally are in search of new opponents. They mentioned they prefer superstuds 170+, with their own transport -ideally a Ferrari- who would be welcome to make up foursome play, preferably held at their country home of which they have submitted a picture. Senior club members need not apply but entrepreneurs with connections in the media industry are particularly welcome as a private studio is available for use at the rear of the property, there is also a fully equipped dungeon for more creative photo shoots.


Open University/Milton Keynes

Two local chess lovers are looking to join a team, one of whom can provide transport for those located in more rural areas. They claim to be endgame specialists, especially knight endings but both have difficulty writing down moves during play. They have submitted a picture of a friendly game recently played behind a stable. They have asked if bails of hay, sugar cubes and doggie biscuits are sold in the vending machines in the canteen.



Northampton, renowned for its eternally talentless football club and extensive rainforests as ecologically diverse as those found in the Congo and its neighboring countries, has attracted several potential new members who claim they can ape the success of any former county champion they face over the board. Informing me that they don’t monkey around in the openings and play gambit chess only. One of whom claims his Benko gambit cannot be beaten. They have submitted a photo of a recent playing session on the outskirts of town.


In addition I have been contacted and offered the use of the following gent who is prepared to operate as a reserve for county matches, however, I’m not sure of his suitability but he is available if we are ever short of players.


A warm welcome to all newcomers and long may they prosper. As always, an exciting season as Autumn ascends lies ahead once more. Good luck to all those over the board.

Thanks goes to Memory Chess for the wonderful images.

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