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Ever wanted to make your own set? Just follow the 20 million or so simple steps in this video. The knight was particularly fascinating I thought.

Ever wanted to make your own board? Great viewing once again, such skill and craftsmanship on show. A few million less simple steps to follow here I think.

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Have a look at the position below. The players were two of the strongest from the 70s, Korchnoi and former world champion Petrosian. I think we can agree that black has gone wrong already, see if you can decide who plays which colour and how the game proceeded, it is white to play. I have linked the game below. The sense it left me with was how the world’s No. 2 could play like that. Unconvincing stuff indeed considering the status of the players.


After 21. …Qc7. What does white play and how should he proceed?

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