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The anti-transparency organization FIDE, who just happen to be the governing body of chess also, have once more confirmed how out of touch they are with reality at the current Baku Olympiad with yet another draconian ruling which is ‘absurd, humiliating, unworkable’, so it has been claimed. Some of the world’s leading players have signed a petition to have it removed, the ruling in question is as follows:

Players of every match MUST inform their Match Arbiter when they leave the playing area in order to go to the toilet, to the bar or to the smoking area. They are not allowed to leave the playing venue while their game is still in progress. The Captains are not allowed to leave the playing venue either while their Match is still in progress. If they want to be replaced by another person, they have to inform the Match Arbiter in writing. The replacement will be allowed only once per round.

Further background info can be found here, I have to say all this reminds me of when I was at school and had to ask for permission to do a wee-wee or poo-poo:

Whether or not any player or group of players can influence this particular FIDE policy is yet to be seen but a twitterstorm is brewing:

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