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In round 5 of the current 2016 Baku Olympiad, played out in my former home-from-home Baku, England’s GM Gawain Jones beat his Vietnamese opponent with a queen sacrifice to help England win the match yet the commentators and those involved in producing highlights of the day’s play have not said anything about it. What do you have to do to become noticed I wonder? Unfortunately for Gawain, if ever there was a day not to win with a queen sacrifice, day 5 was it as there were many hair-raising encounters in matches of greater significance.


Black plays 15. … fxe3. Is this home-prep? Is it sound even? I suspect not but his opponent is 200 points or so below him, so its not easy to find the right moves over the board. But well done Gawain nice to see him pull one off. I seem to recall his position deteriorated pretty rapidly when he played one against a certain M. Carlsen once upon a time.

Here’s da game.


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