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Charles Darrow, the inventor of The Landlord’s Game Monopoly can be seen here in To Tell the Truth, a show with all the charm of 1950’s America. Do Not Pass Go to the 17 minute mark to see him, I suggest you guess the answer, it’s quite challenging.

The greatest draughts player that ever lived, the man who only lost 5 times in 45 years before he began an ill-fated match with a super-strong computer whilst suffering with pancreatic cancer, Dr. Marion Tinsley, the pride of Ohio -that state which through its fallow farmlands, gritty urban ghettos, and smaller skylines suggest, in comparison to the upper-east coast, an absence of affluence, can be seen in the following clip at the 16 minute mark.

McCready’s impromptu ‘from memory’ late night quiz question (no googling now). Sticking with Ohio, who was the city the mistake on the lake Cleveland named after, and what was the name of the company he was a major shareholder of called?

…and a picture question. What is the name of this building, which I once had the pleasure of seeing?

Terminal Tower Historical

…now a film question. The name of a rather underrated film set in Cleveland appeared in the 90s, and is possibly the best film ever made based in that city. What is it called? (once again no googling)

..and lastly, to wrap up our theme of ‘deliberate misrepresentation’, here’s a vid which claims the people of Cincinatti are happy!

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