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The former president of the English Chess Federation appears to have made a blunder far greater than any he may have played over the board. Prior to the release of his autobiography, CJ de Mooi made several rather sensational claims (presumably to help sell the thing, possibly because he is suffering from guilt), one being he may have murdered someone whilst in Amsterdam!?

This week he was arrested at Heathrow Airport regarding the aforementioned claim. See here:

From what is read he hasn’t yet been charged, it is alleged only that he has committed murder. However more details appear here,

What is the moral of this story I wonder? If you’ve killed someone, don’t tell anyone? I doubt it, that’s just plain common sense. How about apply to life what chess teaches you, such as think before you act? Well that doesn’t quite work because we aren’t purely rational creatures, I think the moral of the story must be don’t lob junkies into canals after you’ve knocked them out. It’s not terribly British and when being robbed in Amsterdam its awfully impolite not to offer to go dutch -thus pocketing half the dinero!

I wonder what will come of all this… .

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