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“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.”


Greetings readers, er…um…oh yes, as I die I regret to inform you that add to this site I cannot…should no further posts be added, it is because I have died…if the site reverts to its original wordpress format, once again it is because I have died. The change in name of the site will verify my death and, presumably, the ensuing welcome to hell.

Must I ‘Stare as eyes uphold me and wait to see right through and curse me’? I ask because ‘tears are flowing free, passing by as I die’.

Aside from being a chess player, I keep fit and cycle regularly, something frequently twittered on my twitter account.

During the latest 50 km ride I was hit by a pick-up truck travelling at 80kmh, this threw me into another vehicle, after which I smashed into the road unconscious. I was then dragged to the pavement, robbed and left for dead.


In November 1992 how deeply admired they were and 24 years on the adoration remains unfurled, the class manifest musically, was able to remain embedded in a quintessentially obsessed psyche…aha, ahaha ha ha happy days!!!!!!

‘Sin the last diversion, my fate will be untouched…dismissed now…’

The police informed me it is a miracle that I survived. I had to be taken to two hospitals as I had an enormous blood clot in my brain. The blood has been drained but I am severely brain damaged and paralyzed. I have a 9 inch scar in my skull, I am unable to walk properly, I cannot use my arms as one of them is split open, my back makes it hard to sit too. Everyday I lose my vision and capacity to think. The circuitry in my brain is so badly damaged, I collapse everyday and am close to death or so it feels. My family flew half way round the world to help save my life and inform me that I am improving.

‘Taking a chance and take what you gain. My soul it has no price. Total release is out of harms way until I can decide.’

A true belief: I have only been home to a paradise lost England once in the last seven years but I will die if I am not flown home instantly or so I am told. I am already signed up to undergo a program at a Brain Trauma centre in my home town and have been told I may recover after three months or perhaps after two years: whichever remains more probable my fate will be untouched by the anger of a fool and possibly altered by the vicissitudes of those, having remained lifelong friends and crippled by love are thus less capricious than melodically mentioned sinners who are sung about by one of Britain’s greatest ever bands.

‘Reaping through the truth’

It is impossible for me to post until I have recovered, which could take years. Everyday I lose my vision and memory. I no longer know who I am and cannot tell you anything about this site, as well as chess itself.

‘You punish me, can’t you see, I’m not real!’

Once again, I hope to post here in a few months time. If nothing is posted, it is because I am dead. Four doctors claimed it was impossible to survive the operation I undertook but I did. The police were absolutely gobsmacked that I survived such an enormous impact but I did. I am over the worst of the incident but I am still close to death. Rest assured that if nothing is posted within the next few months, nothing ever will be. I do not expect to survive as I am told I should already be dead by so many. I am not dead but I am paralyzed and now broke as the operation was expensive and I am no longer able to work.

‘Shadows haunt the night, burning my disguise’

Hopefully I will recover and post more info. If I make it home alive and have regained my memory, I will play for Bedfordshire again as well as further my interest in the offers of Professorship that two of the world’s most important chess historians have offered me…I lose my vision everyday wherein paradise is lost…but if I recover such progress is possible.

‘Forgive me as I die’

With no further contact, I wish you good luck in your life as I die.

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