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The greatest chess-related victory in my life was bringing a child into the world who was born out of her father’s love of chess, as he met her¬†mother at a tournament. Even her initials suggest that at one point, she was the world’s youngest GM -but by name not prowess (which is why I requested she had no middle name)! And also, the chess community we were central to at the time was truly overjoyed that we brought a child into the world because I took more interest in her mother than the demise of my defeated opponents at their tournament that year. Still today it is spoken about and of course they all love my daughter, being the happy child she is!

Here is a video that shows her entry into the world and her development there after. There are many references to and pictures of chess…oh, I should also add that when I lived in the UAE I was a professional photographer for a short while, so you will be able to establish which photos were shot be me with consulate ease. There’s some video too, you might find her reaction to her first introduction to chess amusing, I know I certainly do.

The one picture that indicates the location where the causal chain formed and resulted in her birth 541 days later is at the 7.35 mark, as the table in the background is where I first met her mother in the 5-star hotel where the tournament took place. I also want to say that I only use SLRs on a shoot, so putting together a video took quite some time but it does stand out far above all others. The pictures offer a chronology of her first 9 months and some great piano music lies within also. Enjoy!

Thankfully, my daughter did not lose her father last month. Let us hope she will have a loving father for now and forever more… .

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