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It’s so wonderful to return to the fold, to be back in the heart of the thing I miss the most, to put to one side a return to health, to become so adrenalized, to go into overdrive, to tear my opponent apart, to win us the match yet again and once more for my long-lost team mates, to make my team both proud and happy, to come back and conquer, to make myself both happy and content and so, to come ‘From out of nowhere’, to watch the first 23 seconds of the video below, you will see what I modeled my behaviour on when I checkmated my opponent and became so ecstatic- I kid you not… .

The day and how it unfolded…

Being so out of practice of course I was worried. This is about honour but the brain damage I have makes me go from hyperactive to a polarized alternative without warning. I never know when nor have the means to control it. I began telling myself just take it to him if you can. I said ‘You are from Luton (letter ‘t’ not pronounced), you know what that means. Stick it to him. And honour your team and its town. Then as the time of departure drew near I dressed with this on.


He he, nothing to see here. Not a reference to where I am from but more so where I should be.

The black snow boots bought in Baku were the ones I wore in Bakuriani, Georgia, and on the way back to Tiblisi where I stopped off and took a pee in scumbag despicable Stalin’s home town (yes, yes, yes claim to fame!). Georgia is below.

Me and me baby. Some cold wind was blowing up that mountain.

Me and me baby in Tblisi. Some cold wind was blowing up that mountain.


Bakuriani. Me and me baby. Isn’t she lovely? Look at the transportation in use!

I wore black fleece trousers also. I wear black because musicwise I was a metalhead once. My jacket is orange because I am from Luton. Prior to play I was not confident because I felt tired and not myself but the conversation en route was cracking. I saw what Milton Keynes is like en route. Then, I saw the University and there I began to change. Was it that I had slotted back in? Perhaps yes perhaps no.

The Karpov-like accumulation of small advantages…


French Tarrasch with me being white.


14. Nd4 was played. The purpose is to place the queen on the f1-a6 diagonal because the black queen is misplaced. When the white queen goes to b5 with tempo after an exchange on e2, then Rad1 is played, white has the easier game… .


Black allows both 15. Bxd4 and 16 Qb5! He thinks a kingside attack is worthwhile. I already know I will win… .


All endgames are won but two rook endgames require much precision so I played 24. Qxb7. He can activate his rook and does with 27. … Rb8 but look at his back rank weakness, it’s easy… .


Ahem. I just played 31. Qd6 and then he played 31. … h5. Hahahahahaha. Any thoughts on how I delivered checkmate with the next move?

You know, I left the playing hall both overjoyed but full of sorrow. Enjoy the vids below.

I appear @ 2.47, 6.20, 9.43.

In this one I am Sir, ‘Not appearing in this clip’.

I appear @ 2.42, 4.31 (my point was soon proven in the game), 5.58 (confirmation that I was correct).

I appear @ 5.21.

I appear @ 0.43.

In this one I am Sir, ‘Not appearing in this clip’.

And so I left the building and entered the night at 11 pm or just there after. Whether it was now cold went unnoticed. Leaving behind that which made me what I am mattered more. The walk to the car was where conversation was most convivial. The team captain and I were so overjoyed…oh how I so much missed every single aspect of what I was walking away from. My heart sank so very far. I walked. I walked on. We were triumphant. We left… .

…on our way home we drove along the motorway and I talked about who played the best. Did it really matter that I won? Yes it did but what mattered more was to feel loved by those who, being English can’t express their feelings so easily, only to then act in accordance with what they don’t feel. When an exception occurs, you know there is a reason for it is now that we are top of the league! And who put us there? It was me :-).


Thank you for reading and watching.


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