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G. Sigurjonsson – L. Stein Reykjavik 1972 19. Bxh2 is okay for black, easy to wee why, but if white plays 19. Kxh2 how does he win? The game is well worth looking at.



A. Tolush v I. Boleslavsky 1945 White plays 17. Qxd4, Tolush, noted for his cavalier approach, being a soldier and all, well it kinda backfired in the moves to come, I don’t know about you but when I come out of the opening with white and my king is on g4…well… .

ST = Suicidal Tendencies

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Facebook tells me that I posted this a few years back today.


Black is almost lost and plays Bf4. But how should white proceed?

Courtesy of MemoryChess, this popped up too:


Who’s ahead here, white or black?

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The avarice of assertiveness without an ensuing assuredness has struck again. My daughter seized upon her father’s treasured possessions then reeked havoc with glitter! The copies I made of Chess in Bedfordshire, published so long ago (search within the site yeah)¬†have…hmm…but being only 4 years old, Grace, perhaps convinced that a picture really does say a thousand words, depicted our great forefathers, and tbh, I’m not quite sure if she’s got it right there!


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The image below comes courtesy of MemoryChess, found of facebook.


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A fellow who, the last time we played fell victim to his failed From Gambit, despite being so close to ELO 2200 at the time (much better than me, I’m just rubbish), once said. ‘The rook’s gotta go to a7 init!’ But then I said ‘Oh, really? And when black plays Rf6, what ya gonna do then?’ Got no reply. so where should that white rook go?


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