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Our contortions, visible or secret, we communicate to the planet; already it trembles even as we do, it suffers the contagion of our crises and, as this grand malaise spreads, it vomits us forth, cursing us the while.

Emile Cioran

The cursed Luton chess club has found a new venue within Luton itself !!?? It can now be found in Wardown Bowling Club. It’s the best location had for some time in what is. perhaps, the prettiest part of Luton.


Mr. P. Montgomery in action.

LC Photoshoots 197

Wardown Park


The bowling club

It can be found in Wardown Park itself by the bowling green as the pictures above suggest. It’s a friendly clubhouse with a bar itself and members who are welcoming. As you know British people are the best in the world at bowls but the Kazhaks are second to none, as the video below shows.

At the new venue, Luton Chess Club meets every Thursday. Don’t turn up tipsy like I just did.



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