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I thought it best to honour the life of Geoffrey Diggle in whatever way I could. 4 years ago I found a second hand book store that sold his extremely rare publications, so I bought them.

In case you don’t know who he is, he was a columnist for the British Chess Magazine for many years and made many people laugh courtesy of his way with words and immaculate sense of humour in his column ‘Newsflash’.

I took particular interest in him when I discovered passages of his on Edward Winter’s site

He spoke about my home town and I was soon to learn that he played for both Luton and Bedfordshire in the 1930’s -and was the manager of my bank as well. But more importantly I learnt that the venue for the Luton chess club at that time was The George Hotel on George street, which was the exact venue where my grandmother and grandfather met for the first time during ‘an evening of dance’.¬†This I learnt through researching the post I hope to complete very soon: I wasn’t expecting it to go beyond 25,000 words but the care and effort put into I am deeply proud of, but more importantly, writing it has been more therapeutic than I can put into words.

Attached below are Diggle’s works. I apologize that some corners of some papers are slightly blurred. They were scanned 2 months back where use of my right arm was limited indeed, and there was no strength left to hold the cover down to my scanner. Anyway, enjoy Diggle, his sense of humour is second to none and the publications below are extremely rare. Now they are all yours…

Diggle Vol1Diggle Vol2


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In the first video you see my daughter in the pink dress take her place.

In the second you see me for what I really am. I Still do not have full use of all my limbs and the damage to my nervous system is much worse than I thought.So did I stay at home and do nothing but recover? Like fuck I did. I run non stop and push it so hard on my bike at all times even though I can’t grip the handlebars with my left hand very well. I posted this because I have spent over a year writing a post that dispels many myths surrounding chess, and I am tremendously proud of it. My upbringing is very much different to what you might expect. So now you can see me as I really am and not whoever you thought I were.

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