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To that great many across that on-line world of ours, so many suppose somehow they I am thee President of Thee Bedfordshire Chess league. I am not…well not yet for I don’t live in England and am finding it difficult to return home: so shifty looking teams asking me to join the league is a waste of their and my time. I had a group of lads contact me recently saying they’d like to start in Div 2 next season. There request ‘You’s Mark yeah -stik us in the league next season init,not divison A -were’d get mullered. They’ll be a few quid in it for ya like’. He hadn’t taken in my point. I can’t make decisions of any kind, and from the tone of the emails I’m not sure it’s if its a good idea at all to further the conversation…

The latest images to be sent by them are these, and they’ve changed their name the C-Firm now.

Battered by a brick to the head by GM playing The Benoni
Northampton Chess club with table put through window after a dart went though the head of the board 5 player. Only the TV Satellite is showing.
Simul gone wrong

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