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If it were the case that the world’s superpowers are using the media to blow out of proportion the latest pandemic and in doing so are metaphorically speaking, playing a game of chess whilst using the general public as mere pawns, which pawn would you be?

More seriously is this really one big game going to fizzle out into a draw, whilst pawns are left unmoved? What pawn are you? I choose the f-pawn for myself for there is an f-word that I say a lot more whilst under curfew.

When-o-when will everything return to normal? If a game is being played it will cause many in the west to question the life they lead and how ensnared they are. Anyone going to castle long and leave the west because of it I wonder?

We may end up with a larger online community of chess players if anything else. A small consolation I know…

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Thought for the day: unfortunately, its quite unlikely I shall be playing chess 2000 years from now but some people will be, well maybe millions. Or will they be? Will chess outlast Covid-19 or will it be ‘done in’ by it? We don’t know, I know. All we can do is guess, I guess.

Because it’s quite unlikely I will be playing chess in the year 4020, if I do pick up this malicious and moody bacteria they call Covid-19, it’s also quite unlikely I’ll still have it in the year 4020 as well. Although I see myself as immortal, I haven’t had a check up on that for a while now and may have to see myself differently if I prolong those check ups much longer (Note to self: stop pissing the staff off by flirting with all the nurses from now on. Don’t forget you nearly got kicked out last time).

So what’s your money on? Chess outlasting Covid-19 or Covid-19 outlasting chess. It’s a two horse race and right now it’s neck and lung neck. If I were to bet, I would bet on myself never giving a fuck. Probably get low odds on that though, okay, so I bet chess. You?


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