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Results possible?

I’m white and unlikely to lose, so I tell myself. But just how many results are possible and which is most probable with correct play/technique?

Black to move.

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So 2020

I’ve taken a penchant to the St. George’s Defence this year, although in truth it’s been brewing for some years now. Perhaps I shouldn’t post this but in the diagrams below my opponent has approached it correctly (but don’t ask me why he put has bishop on b3!). The 300+ games with it this year have taught me that the pawn chain f3, e4, and d4 is a tough nut to crack, and compounds the rather passive nature of the opening, forcing play upon the flank…oh and btw, I don’t like to say such things but you might want to forego the only publication on The St.George’s Defence for the title is misleading, as it isn’t primarily a book about The St.George’s Defence.

Naturally, I had to play 16. …b4. Deny his queen’s knight developing squares, liberate my bishop onto the f1-a6 diagonal then consider …d5.


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