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October has always been a favourite month of mine for many reasons, all of which point to my very Englishness, the 24th most probably the favoured day in retrospect, what with Rachel setting foot in England that day and six years previously I was off watching Metallica at Wembley. But since when was playing around 100 games a week? Not ever that’s for sure but Covid-19 has put me out of work and left me with more than enough time on my hands. Selected games are commented upon below, I post them because they represent a change in style, triggered by something I shall not speak of… . Active play it is, actively I post, you may call me an activist if you so wish. But before you do that, here’s a nice Octobery pic of the only two McCready’s in the FIDE database.

Coming from behind after the blunder of the queen.
Loss against a GM
It could be the case that I am much better than I think.
Another game won all too easily with the St. George’s Defence.
I am English, so why not the English then?
An Englishman in cyberspace.
Cyberpunkish Englishman
An English crush

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