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The platitude, one not upheld by photographers on the whole, is that a picture says a thousand words. But words are part of sentences and derive meaning from context whereas pictures don’t illustrate the process that they emerged from and the intentionality that spawned its arrival.

Nonetheless, here’s a gift from fb, posted many moons ago. I can’t quite say why I posted it but it does give you some idea of your playing strength, which can be correlated to the amount of time it takes to formulate plans for white. The correct plan for white adheres to a general principle but there’s a lot of play left if you not much good or at best distinctly average, it’s well worth investing time in, as your average club player would not find this easy.

So Harmonist V Tarrasch, Breslau a mere 131 years back.

It’s black to play

More words left unsaid by images in all their guises: creating a PGN is advantageous courtesy of the digital revolution we are experiencing, but it pales in comparison to the position reached over the board. We learn by doing, repetition and reinforcement, not by staring at images. They restrict our concentration to what they are and don’t allow is to play with the position at hand. It’s hardly the ideal solution but at least we have the games kept online.

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