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It comes at the beginning with 10 contestants eager to score fastest, to qualify for a place in the show by putting the following in the correct order. Fastest finger question: put these in order from easy to difficult to play chess with.

A: Opening an email from the hospital confirming you are HIV+ 5 minutes before your match begins.
B: A massive hangover from an all night-drinking session.
C: Doing a huge line of cocaine just before the game, to perk you up from a 5-day bender.
D: Learning you have to default a board as a team member was just run over by a steamroller in the car park and killed instantly.

Answer order: C, B, D, A

If there is a tie for first, then a second fastest finger question will be asked. Place the answers in the order that Tal said were easy to difficult to play chess with.

A: cuts in the head after being bottled at an Olympiad.
B: a black eye after an altercation in a knocking shop.
C: a fat lip after an off-hand remark made towards Petrosian.
D: a thick ear after drunken debauchery was cut short by the handbag of an unimpressed tranny.

Answer order: B, A, C, D

Come on admit it, I do have a sense of humour do I not!

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