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Dear Ken 10

Welcome to Dear Ken, the online agony uncle for troubled chess players

Steve, Bedford Dear Ken, gimme your advice and fast. Me rating’s always been 200-215 never any lower. I dunno what’s happened because I didn’t have a bad season but now its only 182. I’m no good to anyone. I 8 myself and wan2 die. There’s nufink worth living for now. I’m gonna top meself and finish it all off like I shoulda bfore.

Dear Ken: So, erm, you want to do yourself in because of your drop in rating points? You’ve come to the right person Steve. In all honesty there is nothing worth living for and you should top yourself. If you want I can help you with it, as it’s not easily done and requires balls, big balls!

Steve, Bedford I 8 myself and wan2 die. I’m no good to anyone. I’m nufink now. Gonna do it.

Dear Ken, I can help you set up a rope you can use or I could push you off a car park in London. I have a gun at home also if you prefer it that way.

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