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In the Karpov – Kasparov 84 match in game 15 Karpov played 85 Ng1. What was Kasparov’s reply?
Answer A 85. …Kd5
Answer B 85. …Ke5
Answer C 85. …Kd7
Answer D 85. …Ke7

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Chess in the heatwave

Back in blighty I believe the temperature has soared to 40 C, and we only just had the annual ChessFest in Trafalgar Square.

Playing chess in that heat phroar, well how do you do it? The trick is get yourself a few GM norms and become a Grandmaster as quickly as possible, that way when you play you’ll have lots of fans by the board!

(Now you have to admit, even by my standards, that is a cracking joke is it not?)

Trafalgar Square ChessFest
Fans for hot weather GM chess. King and Queen are on the wrong squares but nevermind. Unsuspecting GM’s might not notice.

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