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The 44th Olympiad has come to a close in Chennai with a young team from Uzbekistan winning the gold medal. My home nation England faded towards the end and didn’t make it into the top ten.

Of the 188 teams registered to play, Laos finished in 177th place, which is better than what I feared last week when they were losing match after match.

So now that the spectacle is over, there is less to watch during the day. In any event it matters not as I have reached the point where I have to become fully focused on the upcoming weekend as my location will change and I have to say goodbye to my daughter for a while. Despite how well things go, life always has these changes it enforces on you from time to time, and just making yourself ready for them can be an ordeal in itself. Anyway, I hope you admired my rooting for Laos and all those odd little tales I threw in also. I’m prepared to admit that if you asked me which direction this website is going in, there are times where I don’t even know myself. I just know that I like writing… .

Anyway, well done to Laos for sticking at it, and let’s hope we see them again next time. Here’s a link to the final standings:

Mark. J. McCready, 12.14am, August 10th

The very quiet and dark room I know as home right now,

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