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I tried to refrain from commentating on the precise nature of the allegations levied against GM Hans Niemann but once it hit the mainstream media, and headline writers got a hold of it, it’s hard not to smile and say something. However, still I shan’t say much but if someone can explain just how such devices can be implemented in cheating, I am all ears. Just how did GM Niemann sit still if he was up to it? Of all the scandals to surface, it just had to be that! Can’t we go back to devices in shoes? Just perhaps we will have bottom inspectors at tournaments soon! Oh no! Not The Bottom Inspectors!

The Bottom Inspectors from Viz

So here is an article that summarises the whole thing, bringing about a wry smile in the process.

Mark. J. McCready 5.46 pm Wednesday, September the fourteenth.

Room 306, Helwa Apt.

Sakaka, Saudia Arabia

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