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The Q

Question for the day: ‘If you zoom around in fast cars across the city, could this help improve your rating?’

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Er, chess, er yes. So I have an announcement: I’ve given up playing the Vienna game/gambit. Now after 1. e4 I play 2. Nf3 (its better).

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He’s at it (again)

In the past I have been known as a wind-up merchant and a pain up the arse, and got myself banned on forums for a few weeks because I got a bit carried away with myself (I must admit, I did like it when I started talking about there being no ball in chess. I would imagine most people have worked that out already). Well, I am at it again and will no doubt fail to impress a fair few. I like the comedy element personally. Here is what I posted.

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3rd AGM

I’ve called a 3rd AGM. Another issue has arisen and it deserves it’s own meeting. I shall be holding this AGM on the toilet, like the two before it. The topic for this AGM is ‘I am always sitting naked in bed when I post things on line. Should I be suitably dressed instead, and be sitting on a chair by a desk?’

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Tree of suffocating souls

Now I know what you are thinking or should I say I know what you are phased by -the title of course. Firstly, am I referring to the chess world in light of the so-called cheating scandal that has the chess world in its grip? Well, close but it’s not quite it although we certainly are suffocating through lack of information.

Revive me

So if it’s not a reference to anything chess related, and as you should have guessed by now, we must turn our attention to the thing that Mark loves the most -music. Now we are talking. Yes it’s the title of a song -and one of my favourites. The video is linked below. It’s a nice little number you could sing down the pub and get a good sing-a-song going with.

By Grace save me

Returning to the cheating scandal, I speak with humanity when I ask, ‘What harm has it done to GM Hans Niemann? Can’t we all appeal to our own sense of humanity and either say what’s been bothering the parties involved or just move on from it.

And the maker reveals his one face

What an embarrassment it has become. I mean anal beads of all things -how bloody ridiculous. I think I can safely say its the first time I have felt let down by the world champion. the fear that has struck home -and over what?

Creator of suffering divine

Anyway, here’s that song. It’s a very tidy little number with a good video.

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At times, my mind is so active I can’t switch the thing off.

So get this: it’s not going to happen but the thought I find amusing.

Posting a suicide note on this blog.

It makes sense on a lot of levels but it just isn’t going to happen.

Now can I go back to thinking more normal things please.

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Sooner or later we all die. There’s nothing you can do about it and most likely you won’t see it coming. I will die, you will die, we all will die.

I will live on through this site, which is staying where it is.

I will live on through my child, who is well-looked after.

Yes sooner or later you are going to die.

Who will remember me after I’ve gone?

Do I hear a song coming on?

(note to self: Mark, don’t let off farts when I am writing, especially when the topic is a bit morbid. Hold onto the bastards air biscuits and let them off after you’ve finished writing, okay?)

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I’m at it again on one of the forums. But the thing is, I do have a valid point.

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I’m not easily beaten with the black pieces.

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I may decide to have a second AGM, again on the toilet at some point. The topic for this AGM will be whether I should sue myself or not. I have spent money on establishing my own website and then just messed about with it and mucked things up, whilst I watched so I’m not happy and believe action may need to be taken. Should suing myself and continuing to mess about be handled in the same sentence. It should be a longer AGM and more decisive action should be taken. Lawyers might get involved, it could be fun! Must be on the toilet though.

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