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There are two remaining elements: creativity and humour. One of the two is present in most posts, so some reworking needed there, after that things should be fine and more settled. Just need to readdress the balance, and stop playing around so much.

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It’s all crooked. The vessel, the straights ahead, the high seas but I’ve plotted a course that’s straight enough, fair weather permitting.

What needs to be done is this fleshing-out process where we stumble into generic content. I have to do more in terms of thinking more deeply and connecting content up where possible. There should be objectives too but I am not so sure. The surge is creativity not some tired old methodology.

It should come together but it does mean I will be writing less. But sometimes less is more. More needs to be done so that the finishing touches are complete.

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The Plan

Firstly, stop posting for the sake of it.

Secondly, don’t post if I have nothing to say.

Thirdly, decide upon core elements of posts, which may then be selected.

Fourthly, take your time instead of trying to rush things all the time.

I must admit, last week I was conscious of the fact that I was struggling for content. It’s gone on too long and now is the time for action. It’s not hard but I do need to think more about generic content, which will be reflective, which will lean on my education, and which will require some forethought. That should be enough for the time being.

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Yes it’s true my finger is close to the pulse these days. I’m closer in my writing because I changed things up around July, and changed them for the better. I know what’s going on and the directions things are moving in. The main problem seems to be my interest in chess has dropped and I don’t have much to say nonetheless I still post. Not quite a recipe for disaster that but it’s not good at all. Okay, so I will start making changes and keep things as relevant as possible.

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Dear Ken 15

Dear Ken, your online agony uncle for troubled chess players.

Luke, Luton. Hello Ken, I was wondering if you could offer any words of wisdom over something that keeps happening at my club. I play for the B team and we have another player whose usually pretty quiet and keeps himself to himself but recently he’s changed and we don’t really know what’s going on. First he changed his coat. Now he has a black trench coat and he wears that to the club every week. His behaviour got so strange. When he plays, he now puts a flick knife, knuckle duster, death star, taser, and a kosh on the table. Then he does this chant in some other language. It’s got weird and then last week he brought a sword in and tried to use it on his opponent. There was pandemonium. We had to stop the match to calm everyone down. He does this loud cackle as well, and that’s not well liked either. We are not sure what’s happened to him, can you help?

Dear Ken: well it sounds like he has gone all militaristic and with good reason. Chess players are nothing but trouble and would want to use a sword on one too. It might just all blow over.

Luke Luton, yeah but he’s been seen fighting in the town and he brought in a book about terrorism last week. We don’t really like an array of weapons at the matches. There’s no need.

Dear Ken: most likely it will all blow over.

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That one forgotten factor

So I am making progress. I just remembered that writing is a big thing in my life and something I love to do (even if I don’t have much to say), so that’s why it continues on. Ah well. I should remember that over the summer there was massive improvement in terms of creativity and finding my own voice. I am carrying on with that so it’s okay. Just don’t post when I don’t have anything to say basically.

We get there eventually.

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Mood seems most unusual today. Can’t put my finger on why. At least some semblance of normality is returning but it’s not too pleasant. I seemed to have slipped into the habit of posting when bored. Unfortunately I don’t have much to say. I know I don’t like what I post, it’s boring and I don’t want to read it. Clearly it is the case that attached to posting content on line is some sort of belief that I am accomplishing something. Well it used to be like that but it isn’t anymore. I have to admit even I find aspects of it dumbfounding, like why bother writing if I have nothing to say! Quite obvious if you ask me. Well, there’s been some heavy shit go down of late but nevermind, it could be worse. All that’s happened is I have gone from being annoying generally to downright annoying -ah well.

You see here we go again. Why don’t I mention chess or say something about it? Time to shape up and improve things methinks.

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So it’s one of those days is it. Drained and counter-productive, not much is likely to occur. That won’t stop me. It won’t change anything. I’ll be back.

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My mood seems to be wobbling a fair bit today. I did want to say something positive but that impetus just isn’t there. A self-absorbed me signs off before content becomes self-indulgent again.

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Have you got that same bitter taste in your mouth as I? The cheating storm has taken centre stage yet almost all of it is conjecture. What a bloody let down. Just where is the strife towards perfectionism going to take us? Who knows but when the day comes and we’ve finally moved on, we will all be better for it. Poor old Hans Niemann.

I’ve started playing for my county again although albeit only online. Me thinketh round trips totalling thousands of miles shan’t be played out, and instead, I shall stay here by my tod in this yellowly desert. Yep that’s the plan. So er online games then. Well you get all of three days to make a move but the real challenge comes when you have to prize yourself away from blitz. Too many bad habits have crept in and not enough time is taken when it’s me to move. Snap out of all that I must but how?

Well anyway we’ve got two Sicilians and there’s not much to say about either except in the game where I am black my opponent played a line I think is not very good. I shall know in about ten moves if I am right. But what are we to make of the event itself? OTB chess and online chess are world’s apart. The sense of occasion is lost when you go on line, its all very unserious stuff.

My current form is poor, I’m not usually interested much when I play. It will take months more before the decision making process which envelops chess play is back to what it should be -that being a highly evolved, highly complex phenomenon where I end up badgering myself and repeating the same mistakes.

Do I miss OTB chess? You bet. I miss it more than I can put into words…aha…I know what’s coming here. I am getting all nostalgic. Does this mean another odd post? There’s been more than a few of them in the last few months. I can tell you what it means. It doesn’t mean anything. Above all, I will write more drivel because I like to write. But how anyone could or why anyone would want to read all this stuff I don’t know. If we are being honest, even I don’t like it.

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