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The one I love the most
two wheels not four

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According to Nietzsche we should live by our passions as they define us. Does this mean we should photograph them also? Most probably it does, however hard that may be. Thankfully chess is easy to photograph as the subject doesn’t usually do very much. I can’t say that’s true of the thing I love the most, and as the picture shows below, experience can back that up.

Chess is much easier to photograph than heavy metal bands.

May I make a suggestion? Should you want to photography chess, try not to use your phone.

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I saw this on my facebook post today. It does raise questions which are difficult to answer though.

Let me ask you some basic questions but before I do I want to tell you I am quite sure you can’t answer them. Okay, firstly, when you play chess, how aware are you of why you are playing at that particular moment? What pushed you to play on that particular occasion? With online chess you can play anywhere and anytime. Why, exactly, did you choose that day, that physical location and that particular time to play? Probably there was no conscious decision involved -you just felt like it. If that’s so, then answer when should we play chess? Are there times when we shouldn’t play chess? How do we decide? Why can’t I just say ‘well I am a creature of habit and like to do my thing when I feel like it?

I hate to admit it, I often play chess if I feel bored. It helps pass the time and gives me something to focus on. Should we, though, make chess off limits at certain times of the day? Or should we just find better reasons for playing it? Or should it be a combination of both? You tell me. If chess is an intellectual pursuit why are we oftentimes impulsive over deciding to play? Is that not a cardinal sin?

There have been studies conducted over when is the peak time of the day for cognition, as this is particularly important for study plans amongst students but its not a given that science can give us the answer. I mean since when did the rule ‘what’s true for some is true for everyone’ come into play exactly? You really ought to know the workings of your own mind better than anyone else -and if you don’t then shame on you! Ultimately it may just be a case of knowing what part of the day works best for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? You should know. The nature and quality of your play should be an indicator of how concentrated you are, I think. Aside, should I write a letter to my government, asking them to enforce a curfew, do I risk being taken to the nearest station by the local constabulary and locked up for a few days?

Moving away from when we choose to play online what do we do if the time we choose to play is not the main concern but rather the amount we are playing and the effect its having on our lives? How can we tell that enough is enough. Some people can’t, and to find out how things can go wrong, please click on the link below:

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