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The persistence of time

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When I look back on how I played chess in my youth, there is nothing that impresses me about it -nothing at all. Apart from everything else, I just didn’t take it seriously enough. With regards to my opening repertoire, around 1991/1992 I found the Sicilian defence to be a source of much frustration and didn’t quite know what to do against it. And so in 1992 I made the leap from 1. e4 to 1. f4, which I became noted for. Looking back there was a lot wrong with that decision. 1. f4 is a poor opening move and is at best drawish. It never really occurred to me to think about the consequences of consciously choosing something drawish. But more importantly, it lead to great inflexibility in my chess because white invariably goes for a similar set up every time with the intent of keeping the centre closed for attacks on the kingside. It also didn’t occur to me to think about the consequences of playing the same way all the time and the impact that would have on my game overall. Nor did it enter my head to stop and evaluate the type of position I often ended up with (usually closed). And it was only 2 or 3 years later that I started experimenting with move order and changing things up that I got any kind of handle on it. The problem is here that in every game the position changes and flexibility is the key. Trying to force a certain type of win is never a good way to play but that’s the way it went. My decision making process exuded amateurism and I certainly am not the only one to evade opening theory with opening moves lacking in credibility. But the bottom line is that a change from 1. e4 to 1. f4 really is bad and it’s far better to just stick it out and delve further into opening theory. That I never did, I was kinda afraid of it. Silly me.

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Her beauty is beguiling

Social media means so much to some yet so little to others: often dependant on age as well as various other factors. But no matter what you make of it, or don’t make of it, as viewers we are spoilt for choice on what to watch. Ever since The Queen’s Gambit became the number one show on Netflix, we have seen an upsurge of young girls posting social media of them playing chess. Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter have all become home to some very pretty females strutting their stuff. And so enter akanemsko on youtube. She’s got her own channel and its quite something. Incredibly pretty, eloquent, well-mannered, very sexy indeed, and good at chess -what more could you ask for in a woman?

Here she is playing the famous ‘Russian Paul’ of NYC and beating him.

The big question is, of course, if you were coupled up with this babe, would you ever make it out of bed?

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