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A happy me!

Tonight I have entered a F.I.D.E rated blitz tournament but it is the social aspect of the occasion that triumphs over the competitive aspect of it for many old friends are here, and that alone makes for a happy me!

That’s a diet coke behind me!

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Next Friday I will go to play in a blitz tournament at Bangkok Chess Club. Next Saturday I will play in a Rapid Tournament. Next Sunday I will play in another rapid tournament in the city. Triple whammy in play.

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Friday the 13th January 2023 it was but there was nothing ominous or sinister in the air at Bangkok Chess Club tonight. No appearances from Hollywood’s ‘Freddie’ but three schools rolled into town to promote upcoming tournaments, so we were super busy. I did the best I could to try and capture the atmosphere as well as thrown in some extra content for my own purposes. Enjoy.

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The top 3 all in 1

The three most beautiful chess players in the world:

1. Andrea Botez

2. Aka Nemsko

3. Anna Cramling

All appear in the same video here:


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