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He’s at it (again)

In the past I have been known as a wind-up merchant and a pain up the arse, and got myself banned on forums for a few weeks because I got a bit carried away with myself (I must admit, I did like it when I started talking about there being no ball in chess. I would imagine most people have worked that out already). Well, I am at it again and will no doubt fail to impress a fair few. I like the comedy element personally. Here is what I posted.

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Tree of suffocating souls

Now I know what you are thinking or should I say I know what you are phased by -the title of course. Firstly, am I referring to the chess world in light of the so-called cheating scandal that has the chess world in its grip? Well, close but it’s not quite it although we certainly are suffocating through lack of information.

Revive me

So if it’s not a reference to anything chess related, and as you should have guessed by now, we must turn our attention to the thing that Mark loves the most -music. Now we are talking. Yes it’s the title of a song -and one of my favourites. The video is linked below. It’s a nice little number you could sing down the pub and get a good sing-a-song going with.

By Grace save me

Returning to the cheating scandal, I speak with humanity when I ask, ‘What harm has it done to GM Hans Niemann? Can’t we all appeal to our own sense of humanity and either say what’s been bothering the parties involved or just move on from it.

And the maker reveals his one face

What an embarrassment it has become. I mean anal beads of all things -how bloody ridiculous. I think I can safely say its the first time I have felt let down by the world champion. the fear that has struck home -and over what?

Creator of suffering divine

Anyway, here’s that song. It’s a very tidy little number with a good video.

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AGM planned

I’m going to hold an AGM on October 1st. I shall chair the meeting no one else is coming. Only one topic will be announced and that will be ‘Should I keep this site going or scrap the bastard it.

The meeting will last around five seconds and a vote will be put to decide matters. I shall begin proceedings when I am on the toilet.

I’m not sure if I’ve said before but I loathe this site and what it’s become. It used to be such a nice and simple site with lots of links. Now its the ravings of a madman usually or if not lots of obscure stuff that no one can be bothered with -even the person that wrote it. It really has gone down the drain this site and it’s a shame. The person controlling it likes to think he is so funny and his site is full of entertainment. He needs to go back to the funny farm. It’s not funny its sad. It’s not entertaining its dross and it should be stopped now! Maybe more people should come to the AGM

For some reason, I have lost track of time this morning…

What happened to that drink I was going to get?

Stop thinking about anal beads and stop for good…

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Admittedly, there are times when I don’t know which direction this blog is going in. I note that I don’t take myself so seriously all the time and that there is a rawness with the writing when there isn’t much else. Other than that what can I say except I am not speaking to anyone and writing is my main form of communication.

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Strategy in Reddit

I’m going to start adding more comments to posts in Reddit. You get replies often, they enable me to become supercilious -almost like a boss figure. To inflate my ego- I will act like some sort of demi-god on that site and just talk down to everyone…maybe then I will get some followers. Then I might have a following and be thought of as the chosen one. This will bring new confidence and meaning to my life. This is the plan. From now on, when it comes to Reddit – I am right all the time -so say I.

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Promotional shoot

Getting my feet wet as photographer
That’s very me.

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It’s the little moves that count. Just move that one square to there, and that one, just nudge it forwards slightly -that sort of thing. As the game below shows. Tis moi’ in action, winning effortlessly.

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One of Carlsen’s admirers and supporters, as you may know, is the English GM Danny King. For his take on the GM Hans Nielmann incident you can watch below. Thankfully a degree of humanity shines through and a balanced view is offered. King draws attention to the ramifications of what Carlsen is doing, which not everyone does. The term he chooses to describe what’s going on is ‘unsportsmanlike’ which is on the mark if you ask me. Carlsen’s game against Praggnanandhaa is shown with commentary thereafter.

Breaking the silence of the night, is Carlsen going to do it?

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A lack of maturity?

The malaise regarding GM Hans Niemann and the current world champion isn’t going away anytime soon. If Carlsen wanted to, he could speak out. He doesn’t, which in my opinion, constitutes a lack of maturity on his part. What does he have to gain by letting it rumble on? Carlsen can be heard talking about it in the link below. My own interpretation is that he is letting himself down here, but that’s just me.

For a broader context, involving a number of commentators, you can tune in here.

There is a sense of no one really knows what to do. Little is said why everyone has to make such a big deal over cheating allegations.

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The pieces and their Etymology

This article is well-researched enough for something that falls within the parameters of mainstream media, and sufficiently accurate, making it worth a good introductory read if the topic interests you.


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