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Another from Kasparyan

I couldn’t solve it although I didn’t quite spend the time I should have. Please study the image first before looking at the solution below it.

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Kasparyan 3

I don’t know how to describe Kasparyan’s talent as all words seem superfluous…perhaps it is best to study what he left us with instead. The problem below has a beautiful final position, so you won’t be disappointed if you solve it (and it’s not that hard by his standards as many moves are easy to find). There is a link below showing the final position if you need it.


It’s white to play and win in 9 (hint: the Bishop needs to change the diagonal it is on first of all).

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Kasparyan 2


White to play and draw.

Solution below:


(Scroll down slowly)


1.b6  Nxb3

2.b7  Nc5

3.b8=N Nxa4

4.Nd7 Bg7+

5.Kf5 Kh6

6.Nc5 Nxc5

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Kasparyan 1


White to play and draw.

Solution below:


(scroll down slowly)


1.Bh2+ Kh4

2.g3+   Kxh3

3.Nd3   e1=Q

4.Nxe1 f2

5.Nf3   f1=Q

6.Ng1+ Kg4

Beautiful huh? Final position can be seen here:

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