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It’s becoming increasingly difficult, if not downright impossible to watch videos entitled ‘Great players of the past’. I am yet to find a single video which is more about the subject and less about the presenter and the games he likes in particular. And I am most likely to give up on that very soon. Some are so blatant that almost nothing is learnt about the player being discussed but a great deal is conveyed about the person presenting…

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Is there anything better to do than grabbing journalists and giving them a kick up the backside? Probably not…well probably there is. Seek out Primary Source material perhaps?

According to folklore and legend my hometown had it’s own league in the 70’s. Thankfully, we postmodernists do realize that history is per se discourse thus develops. Okay. Let’s look at things before the…before thee…thee so called Fischer-fiasco as our comrades once put it.

So a wintery 1952 it is. Here’s a snapshot of the Beds league. Even then Luton already has almost an entire league of its own, some 19 years before the famous Fischer – Spassky match and the ensuing ‘chess-explosion’ England underwent thereafter.

As some of you may know Dennis.V. Mardle went on to be given a C.B.E for his work on Polio, from which he suffered. He was an exceptionally strong player and many of his games can be found of this site.

Together the pgns above shows us that chess clubs flourished across Luton not long after the war had ended… .

More on Mardle can be found here:


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Rather antiquated? Yes. Rather difficult to read critically? Yes. Rather inconclusive in places? Yes. Rather lacking in methodological procedure -most certainly. Rather interesting in part -indeed. Here’s Chapter ten from H.J.R Murray’s ‘A History of Chess.


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