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In the Karpov – Kasparov 84 match in game 15 Karpov played 85 Ng1. What was Kasparov’s reply?
Answer A 85. …Kd5
Answer B 85. …Ke5
Answer C 85. …Kd7
Answer D 85. …Ke7

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Which of the following cities, all of which were part of the former Soviet Union has not, in part, hosted a world championship match?

Answer A Elista

Answer B Leningrad

Answer C Tbilisi

Answer D Moscow


3.16pm, Laksi, BKK

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The Tartakower variation appears in which opening?

ANSWER A Queen’s gambit accepted

ANSWER B Nimzo-Indian defence

ANSWER C Queen’s gambit declined

ANSWER D Queen’s Indian defence

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The 2010 Olympiad was won by which country?


ANSWER B Armenia

ANSWER D Ukraine

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The 1981 World Championship Match between Karpov and Korchnoi was held in which city?


ANSWER B Florence



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Which weapon is associated with the former world champion Alekhine?

Answer A Sword

Answer B Gun

Answer C Dagger

Answer D Truncheon

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“Chess is the struggle against the error.” was said by which famous chess player?

ANSWER A Johannes Zukertort

ANSWER B Emmanuel Lasker

ANSWER C Saviely Tartakower

ANSWER D Mikail Chigorin

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In the second move of the Dutch Defence, black moves which pawn if he wants to play the Leningrad variation?

ANSWER A g-pawn

ANSWER B b-pawn

ANSWER C d-pawn

ANSWER D e-pawn

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For four thousand pounds: which former Soviet republic has not produced a world champion?

A. Armenia
B. Azerbaijan
C. Estonia
D. Latvia

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‘The term ‘en passant’ means what in chess?

ANSWER A in passing

ANSWER B Bastard Bitch

ANSWER C Bloody fuck bitch

ANSWER D Fuck you bloody

(Inspiration for the answers lies below. Try to watch and not laugh!)

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