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At present, the Open European Team Championship, held in Reykjavik, is in danger of becoming a cracking tournament with great chess aplenty.

The Hungarian GM Richard Rapport, who is arguably the most creative and entertaining super GM around has, hot on the heels of his exciting attempt to wipe out GM Mickey Adams with the King’s Gambit, had us on the edge of our seats once again with his colourful and kaleidoscopic combinations once more.

In becoming less patient about thrusting his f-pawn up the board on only his second move Rapport played 1 f4 instead. Oo-la-la monsieur his 2700+ opponent thought must have thought!


Rapport – Fressinet

Then on move 29 the supra-f-pawn moves to f5 with devastating effect.


After 30. …exf5, it is white to play with a winning attack to follow.

You can find the game here for now.

Here’s GM Danny King eulogizing over Rapport, go to 7.33 and watch the smile on his face as he begins.


GM Richard Rapport

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